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>>> straight ahead, 39, that's not how many signed up for obama care, but it's no good news for the president. >>> down is up and left is right and dick cheney agrees with bill clinton? what? >> moving on to new legislation that has no chance of passing. what's up with that? >> i wish i knew, i'm abbi huntsman, the state of hawaii says aloha to marriage equality. no matter where you are, it's time for "the cycle." ♪ >> we do begin on a more serious note this hour. help us, that is the message thousands of typhoon survivors are saying as food and water and medicine has been slow to reach hard hit areas. aid has been arriving to the airport but getting it out to the city and local towns where roads are washed out and emergency crew killed has been quite difficult. it tops 2300 and at least two americans were among them. ian williams is in the philippines. ian, the flow of the aid as many people have commented seems frustratingly slow. what is being done to improve that flow of aid? >> reporter: ari, there is aid in country and there's plenty more on its way. the real problem
and glitches and shortening time to get on. >> democrats won't lose seats next year over obama care? >> i don't think you can tell what will happen next year. i will tell you this, democrats stand tall in support of affordable care act. >> friend of the show perry bacon is back. msnbc analyst and nency pelosi doesn't have a krystal ball but we do -- >> got to love the crystal ball jokes. >> we saw obama care making some folks get a little bit nervous. but obama care remains popular among democrats and as pointed out today, if dems help republicans obliterate it, it will be an enormous admission of governing incompetence and repud yags of poor progressive philosophy. so i'm wondering how many folks will be willing to give this up at this difficult moment of implementation. do you see more dems jumping ship in the future to perhaps where we get to veto proof number? >> i do not. the key thing to look forward to what actually happens in terms of the law. if the website is working for 30% of the people next june, then we have a different conversation of course. right now 39 democrats defected and
care act. everybody may not love obama but everybody loves affordable. and the -- i love them both. >> a lot of love in that room there. >> yes. >> the first question for you, talking to her, she's speaking to a branding challenge that a lot of democrats have had. they tried to embrace and pump up obama care but beyond the obama piece which she spoke to, isn't it also a problem that deeming it obama care makes it sound like a product rather than what it is, a set of rules and regulations and enter state funding. >> absolutely. also, there was a notion within the white house they should embrace and take the power out of it. but it is definitely turned back against them now that they are not going all over the website, it becomes a product they are being sold. this undercuts a lot of things that happened, they did not do a good job of telling people about the for instance, if you're a kid you can stay on your parents insurance and preexisting conditions and things like that. the law has already been in place and they have done a poor job of saying this is just one small part of this
on "the cycle." >>> we will get to last night's election results shortly. right now president obama is headed to dallas. he plans to thank obama care volunteers trying to he had indicate americans about their option. a quarter of texas residents are uninsured and texas famously declined to accept funding to accept medicaid. today in washington, the white house point person on ensuring the program works, kathleen sebelius was back on the hill. >> users are receiving far fewer error messages and time-outs. and we're now able to process nearly 17,000 reg strants per hour with almost no errors. for millions of americans, delay is not an option. people's lives depend on this. we discussed security as part of the overall operations on a regular basis with the operations team, but no one i would say suggested that the risk outweigh the importance of moving forward. >> let's go right to luke russert in washington. luke, not quite the same fireworks we saw during sebelius's first round of testimony, but what did you make of the oversight there today? >> that's to be expected. the senate is t
it is to distract from obama care, including republicans in the senate, which is weird and factually wrong or haven't offered evidence for that rather serious charge. then there's something more substantive we're hearing from republicans and democrats alike, the bad cop caucus of members of congress who say whatever this is, we're going to be here with a tough end game in six months. >> that's absolutely right, ari. really the way to look at this is that the president and administration on this deal on a very short leash with congress. you have internationalists that like this idea and view that through the prix of what this means historically. if you look at the relationship between the u.s. and iran, it's been quite tu multiuous for the last 30 years or so. if they if it goes well, it will be the single greatest achievement of the obama presidency. we always knew republicans would look at this deal and be skeptical of it mainly because most of them are ar dent supporters of israel and have close ties with israeli security and want that to continue. what's interesting with chuck schumer and bob me
's pattern of obstruction, it just isn't normal. >> president obama speaking just months ago about a huge day in the divided u.s. senate. >> under the precedent set by the senate, today, november 21, 2013, the threshold for cloture on nominations not including those to the supreme court of the united states is now a majority. that is the ruling of the chair. >> democrats, the majority party, have officially altered the way the chamber has operated for more than two centuries. they changed filibuster rules to end the 60-vote threshold on judicial nominees except those to the u.s. supreme court. it stems from the republicans repeatedly filibustering the nominees. ahead of today's actions fireworks on the senate floor. >> the american people believe the senate is broken. and i believe the american people are right. and the united states has wasted an unprecedented amount of time on procedural hurdles and partisan obstruction. as a result, the work of this country goes undone. this is not about democrats versus republicans. this is about making washington work regardless of who's in the white hou
, it's a good bet his so-called obama care fix will also make it in. >> i completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of americans, particularly after assurances they heard from me that if they had a plan they liked they could keep it. to those americans, i hear you loud and clear. i said that i would do everything we can to fix this problem. today i'm offering an idea that will help do it. the bottom line is insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014 and americans whose plans had been canceled can change to re-enroll in the same kind of plan. >> we start with nbc's peter alexander, who is outside the white house. peter, how is this thing going to work? >> that's a good question. a lot of people are asking that question today. in the last 15 minutes or so, we're hearing for the first time from state insurance commissioners. they put out a statement that said simply, it is unclear how as a practical matter the changes proposed today by the president can be put into effect. directly speaking to the question you're asking right now. we also heard f
plans that don't meet the new requirements under obama care. the president's proposal is a lot more limited. and there's something to what the white house is saying about how, yes, this will have impacts on the insurance market. there are good reasons why insurers are displeased about it. but the effects are likely to be fairly limited over the long term, partly because this is only supposed to go for one year, although who knows what will happen at the end of 2014 if we do this and people say, well, i still don't want to lose my plan. it's a very key thing that only people on the existing plans can stay on them. there's a lot of what they call churn in the individual insurance market. people change plans a lot. if you say you can stay on the same plan that you were on as of 2013, most people, for one reason or another, they have a change in an employment situation, move to a new state, will have a reason they want to change to a new plan. eventually people should get into the new exchanges and out of the old plans. >> i get kind of the key difference here that you're pointing out i
behind the decline is of course obama care. 63% disapprove of how he handled the rollout and 57% oppose the entire law. that is up 8 points in just four weeks. but more people enrolling on october's numbers are already doubled this month but they are still far off their goal of 3 million enrolled by the end of year. a political writer says democrats can't -- obama care bears the president's name but it's a democratic party creation full stop. if democrats help republicans obliterate it it will be an enormous admission of governing incompetence. if i'm accurately representing your argument, you're basically saying democrats are stuck with obama care, they may as well embrace it. they are not going to be inflated by things by voting for the upton bill and other full repeal for that matter, which is a sentiment i agree with. but i looked at some research into democrats who voted for and those who voted against the health care law originally back in 2009, and those who voted against health reform did have some inflation or more likely to win re-election. so is it a reasonabl
right, ian williams, thanks again. let's turn now to the day's other big story, disappointing obama care care enrollment numbers, fewer than 50,000 enrolled in october, only a tenth of the goal for the 36 states that are using the federal exchanges. that is slightly better than the 2007 massachusetts enrollment rate that the white house has been comparing itself to. remember, high enrollment is the key to making this entire law work. with tech issues and glitches, the administration is far off track of its goal of 7 million people enrolled by the end of march. white house had a word of caution. >> i cannot confirm those numbers. you know, there have been a variety of reports saying a variety of different things, i have not seen specific figures, but i anticipate that we will be releasing data about enrollment by the end of the week. >> so let's take it to the bank, "washington post" dana milbank, that is. as our favorite d.c. cynic. what do you make of these snubz. >> i'm not a cynic, just a little -- >> they are disappointing numbers of course, but expectations are so low. if they -- th
>>> i'm tour'e, obama care, the plan to change the aca changes again. no one is happy. >> i'm ari melber, it would take john boehner 13 hours to read the immigration bill. it's cool, we get that. >> the mayor of toronto spoke words again today. that's all i u need to know. >> plus the guy who found steve jobs and we ka walk our way to recovery and the winner of the cor cor cornacki challenge. ♪ >> house republicans just pushed through a bill allowing insurance companies to sell individual companies even if they are crappy, it sounds similar to the executive fix the president announced. the difference is it allows insurers to sell those plans to new customers as well so you too can get screwed if you want. 39 house democrats voted for the bill. even if it passes the democratically led senate, the president has said it's dead on arrival. jay carney didn't have much to say about the upton bill but happy to spin the numbers and we reported it here first. >> what we did not expect was that we would have the precise problem we had come october 1st. if we had expected that, we wouldn't
with a floppy disk and oldest mobile phone known to man. tonight president obama will be taking questions at the organizing for action health care summit which is founded by folks who ran his campaign and he'll meet with dallas volunteers helping americans sign up for the program. obama care and online exchanges are playing a big role in tomorrow's gubernatorial race in virginia. you can bet we'll be talking about obama care in next year's midterms and 2016 presidential race and maybe even in 2028 when we're doing the show from outer pace. from that we start with perry bac bacon, who will be with us when we're doing the show from outer space. i got a nice e-mail breaking down how chris christie doing so very well with blacks in new jersey, suggests how he may do in 2016 nationally, we're talking about his getting 30% among blacks in new jersey. this is supposed to be a great number for the gop, but it is largely blacks -- because of decades of problem. ari will dig into that. i want to dig into how latinos will fare and how they'll fare with white voters. they've been doing really badly w
♪ ♪ yes we can >> you probably recognize that popular yes we can music video from president obama's 2008 campaign. today it's gotten 25 million youtube views now a strikingly similar deal, this time with iranian speaking and singing word from rouhani speech as president. ♪ >> no word, of course on whether that was intentional but it does come at the pivotal time in relations between the countries. after 30 years of isolation, iran struck that deal last weekend to freeze its nuclear program in exchange for some temporary sanctions relief. even though it is a temporary step towards a long-term agreement, in congress, skeptical lawmakers think it could be a waste of time. the test of president o bam am's big gamble starts right now. joining us is michael crowley, in geneva with john kerry. how are you? >> great, thanks for having me, ari. >> in your article, one of the things you report is pretty interesting from a former obama official who worked on iranian issues discussing khomeini he described as a isolated paranoid figure who's convinced the u.s. raises concerns over the nuclear prog
hope of finding a quality job. president obama today in the big easy saying more u.s. exports means more u.s. jobs. >> in so many ways this port is representative of what ports all around the country do, they help to keep our economy going. moving products, moving -- moving people, making sure that businesses are working, growing our economy, creating new jobs and helping middle class families regain a sense of stability and security. so they can find good jobs and make sure their kids are doing better than they did. that's always been what america is about. but for too many people, that sense that you can make it here if you try, that sense has been slipping away. >> somebody screwed up and let luke russert out of the capitol and he's now in new orleans, what's going on there? >> reporter: thank you so much, i'm here at the port of new orleans which resembles the set of season two of "the wire." president obama came here to tout exports, specifically naming the panama and column bee an free trade agreements, one of the busiest thoroughfares in world, touting infrastructure is gate
. ♪ >> in washington, president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery. he welcomed the oldest living world war ii vet, 102 years young, pledging support for our veterans. >> as a nation we make sure we have the best lab, best equipped military in the world. we have to devote just as much energy and passion to make sure we have the best cared for and treated and respected veterans in the world. >> cnbc contributor, the washington editor at the national review. on this veterans day, we think about the way our government is treating our veterans and the people who are in the field right now. the sequester has faded in the background in terms of operation but it is having an impact on the military. some are saying we could be reducing fighting forces by at least half and the dod saying the cuts over this year and next year could be about $90 billion. we've had things like military families and survivor programs stopped and death benefits briefly suspended. this quester has not been kind to our fighting men and women. >> i think the sequester remains a hot issue
. >> the other test we'll know when we wake up, did running against obama care work well enough in virginia or not? the republicans have lost a couple of elections that way and may lose another one by tomorrow morning. the question though for the democrats and you used to advise a lot of democrats, how do you take the economic attack that the house republicans issued here against the country, and all of those problems, how do you extend that out the next year when people move so quickly and forget the fact that you had an irresponsible house republican caucus that was willing to sacrifice a lot of jobs just to make a pointless point? >> i do think there are some republicans in house seats that are too conservative for those seats. if they were people who supported the shutdown, they will take a hit in the polls. but a lot of republicans as you know, because of gerrymandering and redistricting, represent districts where there is really no contest from the left. a lot is from the right. you see that in alabama, there's a primary where a democrat has no chance in the general election, it's a c
their thanksgiving travel. see you soon. cycling now, the crowd is ready for president obama at dreamworks animation in glendale, california. company's owned by one of the top fundraisers but industry has created 4100 jobs in the past month alone. nbc's peter alexander is traveling with the president. this is being billed as an economic speech. do you think he'll probably touch on immigration as well? >> reporter: yeah, he has touched on immigration as he did yesterday in san francisco and across the west coast. this is a critical issue. they have made it clear that the immigration isn't just about the southern border but all borders in the u.s. need to invite people around the world to come here as entrepreneurs to help with people in here and hollywood. the founder who has been touring the president around over the course the last hour or so. they ran into steve martin, the comedian and jim parsons, of course the star of "big bang theory." president will likely speak about immigration but most importantly about the economy. dream works alone added about 50% new jobs since january of 2008. a lot of
goldwategoldwater, and he actually hugged barack obama? >> well, he's going to have a rough go of it. his theory is the republican party hasn't fundamentally changed from where it was two years ago, six years ago, ten years ago. what that means is it'll be a very trying, very difficult primary process. there will be a lot of purity tests he will fail. there will be a lot of contenders in iowa and south carolina, a lot of voters who vote against him. but in the end, the republican party will, as they have in the past, get behind the guy they think has the best chance of winning, like john mccain, who wept through this murder board, like mitt romney. mitt romney is not the first guy to look at running for president who has problems on guns or abortion or who's raised tolls in his state when he was governor. it's not like he'd be the first one coming at this. the question is whether over the last year or two we've seen a real shift in the republican party so it's going to move away from its historical pattern and go for something more pureblood. >> michael, i read your article. it didn't focus a lo
but democrats are pushing three obama nominees after amending the chamber's rules yesterday. harry reid said he's ready to fast track 75 executive branch nominees who had been blocked on average four and a half months by republicans. noah feldman is a harvard constitutional law professor, former supreme court clerk and rhode's scholar and written a constitution or two in the middle east. >> yeah, well, those worked out. it's good we can laugh about it. i know you did hard work and a lot of hard thinking about this issue. and i worked in the senate as i mentioned before. when i got there, you know, the norms were shifted. for most of american history the filibuster and ability to force a super majority to pass things was really reserved for fairly unusual or extraordinary circumstances. we had one big change where it began to be used for everything. now this week we have a new change which is when it comes to the president's appointees can't be used for everything. how important is that, that sort of relationship between the rule, which had allowed it for a while and the norm which changed a lot
an all-too-familiar situation at the white house, president obama has briefed on the shooting at l.a.x. within minutes of that unfolding and breaking news. he was briefed by his deputy chief of staff, white house press secretary, jay carney was asked during his daily briefing. here's what he had to say. take a listen. >> the president has been briefed on the incident at los angeles international airport. by alyssa mass extra monaco, chief of staff, and he will be updated. at this point the lead is the lapd, but we're obviously at the federal level in touch with law enforcement officials on the ground, and will -- the president will be updated as the afternoon progresses. >> now, at this point in time, there appears there are no plans for the president to speak about this. president obama currently meeting with iraq's prime minister, norelle maliki, this was supposed to be the president's health care website, but, of course, renewed discussion about the issue of guns and gun violence as this white house continues to monitor the situation at l.a.x. back to you. >> all right, kristen,
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)